3 Signs of Healthy Poop

You should be pooping at least once a day. If you are not, try these tips below to promote a more comfortable, healthier, sinking dark poop.

What Poop Color Is Healthy?

Dark color poop is the most healthy poop. What makes poop brown? Bile and digestion is responsible for your poop color.

Light poop or floating poop means you can have liver or gull bladder issues. A Healthy poop will sink in the toilet.

Why Is My Poop Small Rabbit Pellets?

Poop pellets means you have constipation. Try hydrating with lemon water, and foods with high fiber into your diet.

6 Tips To Poop More Healthy

Trying adding more fiber to your diet or do a body detox to remove toxins in your body. Rabbit poop pellets means the poop has been sitting in your stomach for too long and have had all the hydration have been removed.

6. Hot beverages. Drinking hot beverages can also promote bowel movement. Perfect for in the morning to help flush and remove toxins.

5. Morning sunlight will trigger your circadian rhythm and stimulate bowel movements.

4. Stop blue light after dark, such as computer screens, tvs, and smart phones.

3. Turmeric. Turmeric can help your liver and gull bladder function. These aid in digestion and gut health.

2. Stay hydrated with water with lemon, lemon provided many benefits and electrolytes that help to keep you hydrated.

1. More fiber in your diet. Eating more foods with fiber in them can help make your stool more formed and long.

3 Signs Your Poop is Healthy:

  1. It is a dark color. Light color poop can mean you have digestive or dehydration problems.
  2. It sinks, and doesn’t float.
  3. It is long and formed, but breaks up when you flush the toilet. You should only need to wipe 2-3 times and it should go onto the toilet paper easily.

A long dark color brown sinking poop is healthy. These are signs everything is in balance and you have a healthy gut.

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