Iodine and The Link To IQ

Ioodine deficiency frequently escapes detection, yet it profoundly impacts mental well-being and cognitive prowess. We will look into iodine levels and brain maturation, uncovering how a lack of this vital element can hinder intelligence.

By grasping the significance of iodine for optimal brain development, particularly during pregnancy, and its influence on cognitive abilities, learn about the dangers posed by insufficient iodine intake.

Research from Sweden believes “pregnant women in Sweden have mild ID (iodine deficiency) and that children exposed to mild ID during fetal life have a lower cognitive development, compared to children to mothers taking daily tablet with vitamins and minerals, including 150 ug iodine during pregnancy.”

More Iodine Research shows that “Fetal brain development is vulnerable to mild to moderate iodine deficiency, particularly in the first trimester. Our results show that potential randomized controlled trials investigating the effect of iodine supplementation in women with mild to moderate iodine deficiency on child neurodevelopment should begin supplementation not later than the first trimester.”

What Are The Benefits for Iodine In Pregnant Women?

The research shows that Iodine, an essential trace element crucial for thyroid hormone production, plays a pivotal role in normal fetal brain development.

Other Iodine research states “Iodine intake must be boosted during pregnancy to meet the demands for increased production and placental transfer of thyroid hormone essential for optimal foetal development. Failure to meet this challenge results in irreversible brain damage, manifested in severity from neurological cretinism to minor or subtle deficits of intelligence and behavioural disorders.”

Pregnancy heightens the demand for maternal iodine intake due to increased thyroid hormone synthesis, elevated urinary iodine loss, and placental transfer to support fetal thyroid hormone production. While severe iodine deficiency is rare in Europe, mild to moderate deficiency persists, particularly among pregnant women. Severe deficiency during pregnancy escalates the risk of goiter, hypothyroidism, and mental impairment in offspring. However, the impact of mild to moderate deficiency on child neurodevelopment remains less certain.

Sea Kelp Supplements

Eating Sea Kelp or taking Sea Kelp supplements with Iodine can be a great choice pregnant mothers, or others who need it.

Vitamin D Can Help Fertility Levels

Vitamin D has also shown signs of increasing fertility in men and women. Can vitamin D help you get pregnant? Yes increased vitamin D levels help with fertility in both men and women.

This study shows that pregnant women taking 2000 iu Vitamin d and 4000 iu vitamin while pregnant had increased. With Women taking 4000 iu Vitamin D having the most benefits.

The 4000 IU group exhibited a trend towards reduced rates of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, bacterial vaginosis, gestational diabetes, and infection compared to the 2000 IU vitamin d test group.

There is also benefits of Vitamin D for IVF vitro feralization.


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